The Invisible Integral Solution: TDA KI SWINGDOOR

The name TORMAX TDA stands for proven drive technology. TDA KI is the key for inside areas, where high integration and absolutely quiet operation are a requirement. Aesthetically pleasing solutions—functionality, security and safety ideally combined with any desired comfort—are the result.

The centric force application permits solutions that are not only attractive, but also reliable.

For passageways with escape route duty, the TDA KI with panic facility is the correct answer.

A self-supporting aluminium profile for lateral mounting or integrated in the framework carries all drive components. Irrespective of whether for DIN-L or DIN-R doors, single or double-leaf, simultaneously opening or for direction-specific traffic, with or without panic functionality, this solution pleases always.

  • The electromechanical operator opens your door; closing is handled by the integrated spring. The motional sequence is controlled and checked by the built-in microprocessor.
  • In the currentless state, the door can be operated simply by hand.

  • great freedom of movement even if the hands are already occupied with other tasks, e.g. in the passageway between kitchen and restaurant, in the hospital corridor, but also in the office or warehouse.
  • free passageway even if you rather not like to open the door by hand, e.g. in a public toilet.
  • invisibly due to integrated construction; no visible linkage that might spoil the aesthetics.
  • ideally suited for inside areas due to the silent operation.
  • reliable; no dangerous pinching and shearing positions particularly in the hinge area due to special finger protection profiles.
  • high functionality and continuous drive operation for highest frequency of use.

2004-05-11 09:41:38
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