The TORMAX drive system concept

The TORMAX TOP Foldor is a complete, pre-fabricated door system for opening widths between 80-140 cm. With its elegant folding principle, the Foldor is a real space-saving automatic door; an ideal application if dimensions of depth and width are minimal, and normal sliding or swinging doors fail to be suitable. Elegant, special doorprofiles, providing at the same time an optimal sealing.

The Foldor is especially suitable for renovations and rebuilding. Thanks to a well designed package-solution, installation time is reduced to a minimum.
  • Robust asynchronous motor, controlled by a frequency converter, for sturdiness and dynamism
  • Incorporated position sensor for precise and entirely motoric motion control
  • Intelligent processor control that simplifies the commissioning  and adjusting of the motion which remains precise and elegant throughout the years

TORMAX data base - flexibility in all directions

Standard control unit TORMAX TCP with standard interface RS-485 allowing the easy programmation of the extensive TORMAX data base. Door and safety functions are constantly enlarged and adapted to the current requirements of the market. Thanks to the service computer TORMAX SERCOM, complex options are programmable even after the mounting of the installation.

TORMAX safety

The TORMAX TOP provides maximal active and passive safety. Its sophisticated drive and control technology offers:

  • permanent supervision of the safety barriers by processor
  • multi-stage diagnosis with luminous indication on the control unit
  • highly sensitive, electronic reversing device for instant reaction of the door when detecting obstacles

TORMAX autonomous emergency power supply (option)

  • off the line emergency power supply for automatic operation in case of power failure
  • perfect performance of 50 to 200 openings depending on the size of the battery module
  • periodical check of the battery by automatic function control

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