The Perfect Double Swing Door Operator TDA DF

Invitingly, TORMAX opens its double swing door. With a pleasantly calm, absolutely synchronous kind of motion, the passageway for you or your guests is opened and after an appropriate delay closed again softly and safely. Under the smart case, the thousand fold proven TDA, the power package among the swing door operators, works reliably.

Employing the most modern technology, the microprocessor-regulated and wear-free synchronous motor works for you around the clock, also under the hardest continuous operating conditions.

The captivating idea, to complement this proven operator by simple mechanics, opens new perspectives in the automation of double swing doors.

Areas of application

  • Shops, hotels and restaurants: for free person and goods traffic
  • Hospitals, old age and nursing homes: ideal for transportation of beds
  • Banks, insurance companies, administration: most simple integration into building management systems
  • In the private sector and for physically handicapped people: increased safety and comfort through permanent monitoring of the door position; economical automation

Base Unit

  • Terminals for impulse and safety devices 24 VDC direction-specific.
  • Electric door release, 24 VDC max. 0.3 A
  • Internal 3-position TORMAX control panel
  • Serial interface RS232 for connection to building management systems


If there is a pressure gradient between the areas to be separated or if the entrance is exposed to wind, do not hesitate to ask our technical customer service for advise on any application options.

2004-05-18 09:06:24
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