The versatile Swing Door Operator

Scope of Applications
Shops, hotels, restaurants
  • Free passage for people and trade.
  • Short door opening times minimize energy losses.
Domestic, handicapped persons
  • Low cost automation with user-friendly activators.
Hospitals, old peoples homes and nursing homes
  • Universal application for single person passage or bed transport.
  • Highest protection from danger of injury due to inte grated safety facilities guarding closing and opening directions.
  • Options for easy connection to fire alarm systems.
Banks, insurance offices

  • Highest security due to continuous feed-back and monitoring of the door position and the drive unit.
  • Easiest integration into building facilities management systems.
  • Options for easy connection to fire alarm systems.

  • CE conformity

  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001

Standard Functions
  • Auxiliary door function: ““Push-and-Go”?activation of the operator by pushing the door lightly (no external sensors).
  • Wind load compensation for keeping the door securely closed under wind pressure
  • Integration in supervisory systems serial interface RS232 for integration of the system in building facilities management systems.
  • Automatic acquisition of system specific data for uniform motional sequence.
  • Continuous operating diagnosi.
  • Recognition of obstacles in closing and opening directions with safety hold-open time
  • Operational Feed-Back: 4 (max.) programmable outputs for position, status, or fault feed-back.


  • TORMAX control panel (only TDA)
    • with operating modes: OFF, MANUAL, AUTOMATIC, EXIT, OPEN
    • Fault diagnosis display
  • Control panel lock
  • Electromagnetic lock with position feedback,
  • Key switch, activators, presence and safety sensors with 24VDC
  • Emergency-off switch 24 V with reset function
  • Interface for connection to a building management system via TORMAX UNICOM
  • Independent network TORMAX UNINET for control and monitoring of your door operators

Low Voltage Connections
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC, max. 600 mA
  • Available connections:
    • 2 for activators
    • 2 for safety sensors
    • 1 for electromechanical or electromagnetic lock

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