TRP TORDOR - the advanced, compact and powerful revolving door operator is designed for top performance in any traffic situation. It is used to power any current type of revolving door with diameter ranging from 1.5 to 7.5m and a freely selectable number of door leaves. More driving and braking power is avalalbe from the "Master-Slave" Module, i.e. for large or heavy doors, or with door bearings arranged at the periphery. One such module multiplies the drive power by 1.9 and maximum two "Master-Slave" Modules can be fitted. The TRP TORDOR operator's compact design with a built-in height of only 145mm makes several assembly variants possible and permits a minimal crown height.
Through the multh-functional TORMAX control panel TRP TORDOR provides confortable operation as well as adjustment of rotating speeds, times and other safeguards to maintain our highest priority - the safety of all using TORMAX revolving door. Hence, anyone can use our doors with total confidence and comfort whether she or he uses wheelchair, is pushing a baby stroller or for other reasons needs extra time to pass through. TRP TORDOR operator's well tested and continuous operation in high traffic situations, and its quiet motions will still convince you after many years of operation.

Standard Functions

New high torque drive with integrated overwind safety,
emergency brake and position encoding

Power transmission usingchains or belts or
driving at th periphery

Up to three drive units possible-one master,
two slaves(periphery drives)

Easily fits any door construction thanks
to its low built-in height of 145mm

Service freindly : The control system is mounted separately
from the drive(connected by cables up to 10m long)

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